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On the third planet of the Sol system in the Milky Way galaxy, there lives a remarkable species.  Known as humans, this race has the incredible ability to change reality through the power of belief.  When enough humans believe something is true, it becomes true.  The stronger their belief, the stronger the effect.  No other species in existence can interact with metaphysical energies the way humans can.

For millennia, alien races have traveled to Earth in order to exploit this power.  In days long past, a few thousand credits could get you anything you dreamed of: eternal youth, control over nature, clairvoyance - even the power to transform others into animals.  When enough humans believed it, it became true, and convincing them wasn't much of a challenge.

That all ended once the Federation figured out what was happening.  Travel to and from the Sol system was heavily regulated, and Earth became the most locked-down planet in the universe.  On top of that, humans are advancing, and convincing them of the impossible has gotten tougher than ever.  This hasn't stopped the flow of fortune-seekers, who even today will give up everything to get a ticket to Earth, and a chance to get something no other race in the universe can provide.

One of those fortune-seekers is Farien Aanarhi, an Earth-jumper from the planet Phaelon.  Three years ago, Farien sold off his most prized possession to pay for his ticket to Earth, thinking he could easily convince humans to believe he was insanely wealthy.  Things haven't worked out the way he'd hoped. He now finds himself flat broke, deep in debt, and on the verge of being deported back to his home planet.  He only has seven days left on Earth, and one last chance to turn things around before he loses everything.



The year is 6200 B.C.  In two months, a collapse of Norway's coastal shelf will trigger a megatsunami in the north Atlantic Ocean, submerging a series of low-laying islands known as Doggerland.  On one of these islands lies the mythical city of Atlantis - a city of high technology, brilliant minds, and grand scientific discoveries, in a time when most of the world still lives in caves.

Unaware of the looming catastrophe, the citizens of Atlantis now find themselves at a crossroads.  A vote is coming before the entire city, to decide whether they should make contact with the nomadic tribes in the surrounding area.  Atlantis has traditionally ignored these tribes, considering them too violent and aggressive to ever become civilized, but are now reaching the limits of what their own workforce can do.  They need to recruit more manpower, and the tribes are the obvious first place to look.


Living in the city are four very different families, whose futures will be completely changed by the outcome of this vote.  They spend their daily lives focusing on power struggles and petty squabbles, not realizing the end of their civilization is only weeks away.


Cover art for Veil

Not many people have heard of the Regional Regulatory Board, and even fewer could tell you what they do.  Truth is, the Board doesn't actually do anything - except act as a public front for agents of the Federal Paranormal Division.  The F.P.D. is the branch of government tasked with investigating, resolving, and concealing paranormal activity all across the United States.  They have a staff of over 8,000 highly-skilled, highly-specialized agents who can be dispatched anywhere in the country within two hours.  But, like all government offices, it also has its share of not-so-highly-skilled agents.  One of these is Agent Third Class Sam Lockhurst.

Sam Lockhurst has been an agent with the F.P.D. for six years.  Third Class is the lowest rank a full agent can hold, and they're restricted to handling routine, localized problems.  Nothing flashy like a Loa invasion or an Undine on a rampage, those are reserved for specialists.  Sam mostly deals with the usual suspects - ghosts, vampires, zombies, and the like.

It's pretty dull work, and that suits him just fine.  But then the clues start pointing him towards something much bigger than the horror movie cliches he usually deals with.  All the signs say an extinction is coming, and it may already be too late to stop.

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